A new standard for
climate roadmaps

Everything laid out, for everyone to see.

Map Launcher integrates the ever changing tangle of policies, solutions, assumptions and facts - that is your climate roadmap - 
into one shared interactive dashboard.
Roadmaps for impact

Measure for real change

By making roadmaps and their progress visual and measurable, we create much needed pressure on society to change.

Stakeholders are made accountable, lacking action will be obvious, and good progress can be celebrated.

Break Silos

States, companies, cities, NGO:s and citizens must work together – faster and smarter.

Map Launcher creates a common language and visually connects all the different players in your roadmap, keeping everyone on track towards our common goal of reducing global warming.

Focus on the
 right action

With so many parts to a climate roadmap it is difficult to know exactly what effect policies are having and what action to take next.

Map Launcher allows you to drill down deep into any given area – see measured results, make decisions faster, and allocate resources intelligently.

Finally - we, companies, cities and states, 
can map out the path to Paris together.
A common language for 
climate roadmaps.

The first of its kind

Map Launcher is a new way of presenting and working with Climate Roadmaps.
It makes it easier for everyone to overview, jointly work on and follow the transition to a fossil free future – breaking it down in to executable parts.

Open data for action

Open Data, transparency and participation from all parts of society are crucial for the transition to a fossil free economy.

Map Launcher collects, organises and systemises open data from multiple sources to make all the information available comprehendible and actionable.

How to do it

The Map Launcher team will help you through all phases of making your roadmap an engaging strategic tool.

Our team will guide you through data gathering. Provide support and training and be on hand for the continuous evolution of the roadmap.

Latest News

Check our latest reportage
09 Jul 2018

Check our latest reportage

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Almedalen 2018 –  First map launched
04 Jul 2018

Almedalen 2018 – First map launched

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Meet Map Launcher’s CEO, Tomer Shalit at Almedalen
01 Jul 2018

Meet Map Launcher’s CEO, Tomer Shalit at Almedalen

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Exponential climate action for cities (X-CAC)
11 Apr 2018

Exponential climate action for cities (X-CAC)

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A global platform 
for fighting climate breakdown

With Map Launcher climate roadmaps become interconnected, best practice can be spread, roadmaps shared, results compared.

Join the growing number of organisations already seeing success with Map Launcher. Request your demo today.

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